Are you a Hoarder?


No matter how much… It’s still not enough.

We’ve developed all our quizzes from the NEW DSM V, which means the questions you’ll be asked are based on the most current information.

The hallmark of a Hoarding disorder is great difficulty in giving up or throwing things away. As a result clutter becomes a problem.

March 24, 2018

1) It's hard for me to throw things away even when they have little value.
2) It's hard to throw things away because I think I will need them later.
3) I feel bad when I throw things away.
4) I hold onto so many things, It's hard to move around with all the clutter.
5) My tendency to hold onto things has caused a lot of problems in my life.
6) My tendency to hold onto things is due to a medical/physical condition.
7) My tendency to hold onto things is due to obsessive-compulsive disorder or the lack of energy to throw things away.

Thank You for taking this Quiz. We have more information about hoarding available in our Anxiety Clinic.

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