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Day 1: Our Great Northwest Adventure

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” Henry David Thoreau Elaine: We’re calling this new excursion our Great...


Don’t Panic, Autofocus

Athens to Istanbul:  Does anxiety keep you from living a happy life? There are three typical reactions to anxiety. Fight, flight or...


The Secret World of Ferries

Crete to Athens: The idea that I could be adventurous is like the Pope being promiscuous. I guess it could happen in some parallel universe...


Adventure By Any Other Name… Is Still Frightening

It’s a funny thing, this state of mind known as worry. It never goes away. The good news is, it loses steam the more we keep up the...

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Author Interview with Dr. Wijesinha

  Post by Banxietyfree.  


Three Sneaky Ways Anxiety Drugs Enslave You

The one question almost everyone asks when starting a medication is: How long will I have to stay on this? They fear that their drug...

Blackwater NWR,Cambridge,USA - November 19,2010 :

Is Your Need for Control Controlling You?

Do people you know say you’re a “control freak”?   We like to joke or complain about those who need to be in control,...


Can sleeping pills make you fat? A dieter’s nightmare.

Imagine trying a sleeping pill. Oh, let’s say we call that drug something quirky and scientic-sounding like, zolpidem.  Now imagine...


The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety


The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook