Camino Day 2: I’m not having a very good time right now.


We stayed in the Roncesvalles monastery last night. There were still bunk beds but much, much nicer and comfortable. They have little cubicles with four bunks and nice big lockers for all our stuff. Everyone on each floor shares a bathroom of course. All of us pilgrims are just thrown in one big room together but it doesn’t bother me at all (camp memories). Two very nice Italian guys shared a cubicle with us. We had dinner at one of the two restaurants they had in the tiny village we were in. They have a thing called a ‘Pilgrim’s Meal’ where they put you at a table with other pilgrims and serve you a 3 course meal. First course was soup and bread. Second, was duck and potatoes in olive oil. Third, was some kind of pastry and it was soooooo good. Everything was delicious. It was my first time trying duck and it was amazing. We sat with two other pilgrims. I can’t remember their names but the guy was from Holland and he was a doctor. The woman was from Italy and was a yoga instructor. They were both really nice and funny. After dinner, we went to a Pilgrim’s Mass inside of a gorgeous, ancient church. The mass was very Catholic and all in Spanish of course but I really just enjoyed being inside of the beautiful church and being surrounded by friendly people. After that, we were exhausted and went to go lay down in our bunks. Thankfully, I slept like a baby and I discovered how nice and warm my sleeping bag is. I was feeling uneasy about using one because I like having cotton sheets and comforters to sleep on. But I was perfectly comfortable. Too comfortable I think because I had a hard time waking up. Dad and I kinda woke up later than the other pilgrims and were one of the last to leave. I was in such a bad mood. I wanted to crawl back in bed so badly. My feet were killing me and I kept giving my dad attitude about putting on my shoes and walking. Seriously, my blisters are so bad. The one on my toe… Is bigger than my toe. Can you imagine squeezing into stiff, heavy hiking shoes and walking on rocks all day with four painful blisters? I wanted to cry. And I tried to get out of it and Dad was very nice about it. He said we could do whatever I want but it was only 3 km to the next town. I figured it was worth the pain because the little town we were already in didn’t have much to offer and I really, honestly wanted to be on the trail. So we walked and I was very slow.

Damn! I was in so much pain. Tears were falling as I was walking and other pilgrims were passing me and saying hello and I could barely form words. Dad was up ahead and stopping and waiting for me every now and then. Which was nice but I really wanted him to go at his own pace I was fine hobbling along by myself. Let myself suffer in peace ya know? I don’t like feeling like I’m slowing him down or holding him back even though I know he doesn’t think of it that way. I was just so looking forward to an adventure and being a pilgrim, walking the distance every day. But I’m just so limited now. On the bright side, we arrived into the next town very shortly. The walk was excruciating to me but not long at all. We found a little cafe and sat down and had cappuccinos, some weird tuna salad pie thingy (delicious), and more of that incredible orange juice. We sat for a an hour or two and talked about a lot of different things. I was telling him how I felt bad because I can’t do anything because of my feet and I felt left out. He explained that we’re on vacation and in Europe and we can do whatever we want. If I wanted to stop the Camino, that was fine. If I wanted to keep trying, we can go at whatever pace. It still counts no matter what. As we were talking, there was a beautiful Siberian husky tied up to a bench in the grassy area in front of the cafe. It was so cute. I felt bad for him though, he looked so bored and lonely. I figured out that he belonged to the owner’s of the cafe. Eventually, they let him loose and he came up to me and let me pet him (Thank God, that’s all I wanted to do when I saw him) and then he perched himself up on a window sill like a cat, which was hilarious because he was so big. So now we’re in this little town which is just adorable with beautiful buildings and a giant ancient church. We got a hotel, which is very nice and we have our own bathroom 😉 Not much I can do but lay here and rest my feet. I’m not sure about tomorrow, I’ll just have to see how I feel in the morning. We will most likely catch a bus to wherever.

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  1. Elaine

    Look around you and see all the beauty. You are doing it exactly right. Take your time and listen to your body. It will tell you how far to go each day.


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