Camino Day 3: Today was a good day


We adjusted my shoes just right so that my feet were cushioned and I barely noticed the pain. I did awesome. I thought I’d only make it to the next town. We stopped after walking 4km and had coffee and yummy pumpkin bread and I met a cute Irish guy, “Hi, I’m Jack from Ireland” 😉 Then we kept walking to the next town which was another 4km. We got there pretty fast and sat down at a pub and got a drink and I bummed off my dad’s lunch. The food all over is so yummy no matter where you go. We met some nice ladies from Ireland and then they continued down the trail. Then some guys from Germany and Hungary joined us and we had fun talking to them and they were cool. We sat there maybe an hour or two so I could decide whether I could go on to the next town or not. All of the pilgrims we met inspired me so I decided to give my feet some more love and head on out. It was 9km from then on. It wasn’t horrible. Very beautiful and serene. We took a few breaks here and there. Near the end it was very rugged and steep and I was having a hard time. Seemed endless even though we were so close. But Dad took good care of me. We changed out my socks again so I could feel something different and it helped. Then we finally got to Zubiri and settled in at an alburge which is like pilgrim lodging with bunks and what not. The usual. We had a snack at a cafe which I’m at now as I write (has wifi) and we reunited with the Irish ladies and the cute boy. Then I showered and washed a lot of dirty clothes. Now I’m chillin until dinner. I’m gonna have Dad French braid my hair. Something pretty considering how rough I look. But I’m loving not caring about what I look like. And I don’t look too shabby in boy clothes. I’m feelin really good. Today was challenging but I feel accomplished and now I can relax. We walked 19km total!! That’s including the altitude and steepness we encountered. Tomorrow is 20km to Pamplona (again) but the guide book shows there’s no steepness and far less altitude. It’s mostly flat. So I think we can make it all the way. And there’s plenty of towns in between. So yeah! I’m great! Tomorrow is Father’s Day! And I’m gonna give Dad his card. I’m excited!

2 thoughts on “Camino Day 3: Today was a good day

  1. Virginia McGuire

    Sounds like you’re having a great adventure although a rather painful beginning. Hope those blisters are healing and you”re able to enjoy the rest of your journey. All that food you’ve mentioned sounds delicious, wish I was there to enjoy some with you. Have a wonderful week and keep those daily entries coming, certainly enjoy reading them!

    1. Makenna

      I am very much enjoying my adventure. The food is absolutely delicious and it would be even better if you were here to share it with us. Glad you are enjoying my posts and I hope you are doing well.


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