Camino Day 4: It was love at first bite.

Enjoying Crepes in Pampalona

Enjoying Crepes in Pamplona

I woke up… no, I was woken up by Dad. I was sleepy and stiff and not looking forward to the day. Then I remembered. It’s Father’s Day! I was smiling (on the inside). It was too early to form a real smile. I guess I was just happy that I was able to spend Father’s Day with Dad. We have been apart every Father’s Day for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t looking forward to the walk to the next town. My feet were killing me. The blisters aren’t getting any worse or anything but every time I slip on those heavy hiking shoes, it’s torture from then on.

We weren’t walking for too long before I was in constant pain. We even had to stop a few times to adjust my shoes and change out my socks. It really didn’t help much. I just wanted it to be over. Even though I was in pain, I found myself heavily day dreaming. I was thankful for that considering my many booboos. We finally arrived in a town and Dad pointed out a house that was part of the filming of The Way. At the time, I really didn’t give a crap. I just wanted a cafe con leche and a chair.  Still pretty cool though. I sat down on the corner of a closed restaurant and took off my shoes. My feet were still aching and throbbing long after removing the shoes. -sigh-. Turns out it was Sunday and everything was closed. Dad kept asking me what I wanted to do and I couldn’t give him a straight answer. I was just happy to be sitting down. So we find an open cafe run my the sweetest little lady. She took us under her wing and led us into the downstairs area of her shop. She sat me down and took my shoes and socks off for me. She talked with us for a little bit, gave us some food and some cafe-con-leche and kindly called us a taxi to Pamplona. She had a picture of her and Martin Sheen hanging on the wall, he was kissing her on the cheek.

We soon arrived in Pamplona (just 15 minutes away) and checked into a nice albergue. It was a church at one time.  At that point, I caught a bad case of the feels and wasn’t sure what would cheer me up. In other words, I had a lot on my mind and was a little overwhelmed. Dad noticed and asked what was wrong but I couldn’t really explain it to him. So we were quiet. Eventually, I took a nice long shower and short nap and I felt ten times better. We decided to go get some dinner and possibly meet up with some other pilgrims. We couldn’t find any pilgrims oddly enough. But we did find dinner, a nice restaurant that had a variety of awesome food to choose from and a menu in English. That’s right… ENGLISH! That made me happy. I had probably the best salad of my life for starters. Even though it was so simple. The main course was yummy too, but not anything exciting. Just chicken and French fries. Dad had duck. Dessert was perfect. Not sure what it was, but it had chocolate on it and ice cream in the middle and I loved every bite. That wasn’t the best part though. After dinner we stopped at a little creperia we had found earlier while looking around for places to eat. This was my first time trying crepes. I should have tried them in France. That would have made more sense but, oh well. Crepes in Spain do not disappoint. I’m obsessed with Nutella. I had no idea Nutella was a thing in Europe. When I stepped into the tiny creperia I notice giant jars of Nutella sitting up front and I smiled. Then, I noticed the woman working there spreading the Nutella onto the crepes! My eyes lit up and my heart raced. Am I being over dramatic? It happened! I knew exactly what I wanted. White chocolate morsels AND Nutella. So that’s exactly what I got. It was love at first bite. Hot and steaming. Fresh off of the stove. I ate it up as we walked back to the albergue. Heavenly. Now I can go to sleep fat and happy.

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