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Chipping Away at Pharmaceutical Company Arrogance

A physician couple has made a decade long effort to change the confusing, uninformative packaging labels on the drugs we take everyday....


Three Sneaky Ways Anxiety Drugs Enslave You

The one question almost everyone asks when starting a medication is: How long will I have to stay on this? They fear that their drug...


Can sleeping pills make you fat? A dieter’s nightmare.

Imagine trying a sleeping pill. Oh, let’s say we call that drug something quirky and scientic-sounding like, zolpidem.  Now imagine...


Can sleeping pills hurt me?


Do You Really Need that Antidepressant?

Lots of my friends ask me whether I think it’s a good idea to take an antidepressant. They ask because I’ve been prescribing these...

Happiness Laboratory

Holiday Blues? Don’t be afraid to give this a try…

  Who would have thought that such a simple action can have such a profound effect on the level of happiness in our lives?  


How One Cancer Survivor Refused to Give Up on Her Dog…and How it Saved Her Life.

  The risk of death has a way of putting anxiety into perspective. Anxiety is about what “could happen.” A cancer diagnosis...

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Don’t Save the Tigers! At Least Not, if You’re Anxious

Does anxiety limit the things you do? Maybe you’d like to go out with friends or catch up at a family gathering, but the idea of...


Three Unbelievable Secrets About Antidepressants

  “Does depression medicine make any f%#%ing difference at all?” Michelle asked me this question as she sat in my office...


Why Be Anxiety Free?

Why Banxietyfree?