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Don’t Panic, Autofocus

Athens to Istanbul:  Does anxiety keep you from living a happy life? There are three typical reactions to anxiety. Fight, flight or...


Welcome to Athens

It’s six in the morning and still very dark. A drizzle of rain is falling as Elaine and I walk down the ferry’s gangway. We take our...


The Secret World of Ferries

Crete to Athens: The idea that I could be adventurous is like the Pope being promiscuous. I guess it could happen in some parallel universe...


There’s More Than One Way to Get to Turkey

“Darling, there’s more than one way to get to Turkey.” That was my response to Elaine’s feeble attempt to put her anxiety in front...


Adventure By Any Other Name… Is Still Frightening

It’s a funny thing, this state of mind known as worry. It never goes away. The good news is, it loses steam the more we keep up the...

I Choose the Window Seat

Hanging Out In Rota, Spain

Well, we’ve headed out on another overseas journey. This time we wanted to push further into Eastern Europe. After some relaxing days...


Lost Keys

It’s happened before. An end to a wonderful down-easter weekend of soft-shell lobsters, overflowing plates of steamers and the...


The Soft Shell Lobster Cometh

Imagine lobsters with a shell so soft you can get to the succulent meat using just your hands—no shell cracker needed. A soft-shell...

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Author Interview with Dr. Wijesinha

  Post by Banxietyfree.  


A is for Anxiety and Alzheimer’s

Finding the pockets of grace in a heartbreaking disease. This is not just a book, it’s a real-life passport into the unpredictable world...