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Pure Olive Oil

Making Fresh Olive Oil

  I asked our host, Anna, “And, these are your olive trees?” “Si!” I reached up and picked a dark, purple olive from the...

Mount Etna 4x4, Photo by: J W Foster

Driving Abroad: How to Blend In

“It’s time to rent a car, roll down the windows and prepare for your first big thrill: the freeways. They’re so much fun they...

Antonio, Joe and the Zen Machine, Photo by: E O Foster

The Art of Motorcycle Mindfulness

“The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.” ― Robert...

Mediterranean Cornucopia, Photo by: J W Foster

Agoraphobia: Fear of the Sicilian Marketplace

“I know nobody ever got over being afraid of the dark by never turning off the lights.” ~J. D. Ruskin Agoraphobia literally means,...

Syracusa, Photo by: J W Foster

Lost in Syracusa, Sicily

It was early morning as the light purr of the small outboard motor bounced off the ancient fortress walls. Seconds later a blue wooden...

C5 Galaxy, Photo by: J W Foster

We Have No Idea Where We Are Going

What will I learn about myself this time around? My Camino del Norte experience this summer was still a bit raw. I’d felt pathetic that I...