Getting Setteled

So I’ve dusted off my cowboy boots, pulled out my wide belts with the big buckles and put my shotgun up on the fireplace mantel. I’m ready for our new life in New Mexico. It’s beautiful this time of year. Not too hot during the day, nice and cool at night, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

We’re completely exhausted though. 2200 miles driving the biggest UHaul truck we could rent while pulling our cargo trailer left me shaking like a rattle snakes tail. The suspension on that truck left a lot to be desired. And then there was the issue of blowing out the BMW windshield because I didn’t quite leave enough room between the BMW and my camper top which were both tightly packed into the trailer. We had to remove the car from the trailer to have the windshield replaced. Sadly, Elaine ended up having to drive the car instead of riding shotgun with me.

But we made it safe and sound. Now it’s just figuring out where everything goes…pictures, lamps, dishes, dressers…too many decisions.

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