Planning Your Journey

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We all suffer from anxiety, it’s in our nature, it’s part of our human experience. Anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder when it limits us from living a full life, the life we want to live, the life we are afraid to live.

Anxiety is different for each of us but for most of us it involves some sort of change. It’s the fear of walking out the front door and putting ourselves into unknown, uncomfortable situations. It’s the fear of stepping onto an elevator (what if I become trapped), it’s the fear of flying (what if I crash), it’s even the fear of the unknown itself (generalized anxiety).

Journeys can be an excellent treatment for anxiety. The thought of taking a trip, traveling to a new place can trigger numerous anxieties but it’s also an excellent opportunity to face those limitations that are holding you back. On these pages we provide helpful advice is managing your fears, whether it’s going to the grocery store or the Himalayas. For an anxious person it’s all the same, it’s just a matter of degree.

The Basics

First, lets start with some inspirational words from Kahlil Gibran on why we take journeys…



The Coming of the Ship



Different Types of Journeys: It’s all a matter of degree

Since we are all experience the world in a different way, our approaches to traveling must be different. The goal is to consistently push ourself outside our comfort zone (in a way that doesn’t cause sheer panic). It’s called “Exposure Therapy” and it proven to be an effective treatment for many types of anxiety. For those couples where one is  “fearless” and the other a bit “timid”, a small dose of understanding and compassion will go a long ways.  Take small, measured steps. Look at the list below. What are you (or your partner) really up for? Is it a relaxing cruise to Mediterranean? For many who suffer from anxiety the thoughts of storms, crowds, foreigners, viruses or SINKING! start to get the adrenaline flowing (and not in a good way). On the other hand, cruises can be quite inexpensive. You have the opportunity to escape to your private cabin for some down time, you can choose from a variety of durations and destinations, and once aboard you can pick the activities you want to participate in. As we stated before, it’s all a matter of degree. For some of us, the first step might be just taking a tour of someplace closer, New York City or the wine country of Northern California. For others, it’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • First Step: Traditional tours
  • Second Step: Small tours with more freedom
  • Third Step: Adventure tours
  • Fourth Step: No plans, just go
  • Fifth Step: Lead others!

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