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Do You Really Need that Antidepressant?

Lots of my friends ask me whether I think it’s a good idea to take an antidepressant. They ask because I’ve been prescribing these...

C5 Galaxy, Photo by: J W Foster

We Have No Idea Where We Are Going

What will I learn about myself this time around? My Camino del Norte experience this summer was still a bit raw. I’d felt pathetic that I...

Photo by: Masel

Healing the Anxious Traveler: By Masel

Masel Writes: At one time I was a happy guy, I had no problems, many friends and a good perspective for my life. But… Four years ago...

Courage Under Chemo

Anxiety and Cancer

There are many myths about cancer. One of biggest is the belief that it's mostly genetic and beyond our control. But did you know that...


Three Unbelievable Secrets About Antidepressants

  “Does depression medicine make any f%#%ing difference at all?” Michelle asked me this question as she sat in my office...