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Blackwater NWR,Cambridge,USA - November 19,2010 :

Is Your Need for Control Controlling You?

Do people you know say you’re a “control freak”?   We like to joke or complain about those who need to be in control,...

Tiger, Photo by: J W Foster

Don’t Save the Tigers! At Least Not, if You’re Anxious

Does anxiety limit the things you do? Maybe you’d like to go out with friends or catch up at a family gathering, but the idea of...


Travel Anxiety: 7 Tips for Driving Over Scary Bridges

Do you panic at the sight of a looming bridge?  You might feel anxious just looking up at it or driving anywhere along its span. Even...


Travel Anxiety: Fear of Trolls Stopping Aviation (TSA)

If God wanted us to fly, he would’ve made it easier to get through security. Ask anyone who refuses to travel by air, what their...


Top 3 Treatments for Fear of Flying

Last week we discussed fear of flying and I said there are different types of treatments for it. Today, I’ll review them with you....