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Photo by: J W Foster

Social Anxiety Rises in Bratislava, Slovakia

The flight on Ryan Air was just like most passengers on the internet have described it–frustrating. When we tried to check in at the...


The Killer is Lurking in Your House!

  Most of us have seen the commercial where a young 20-ish woman is walking home and looking anxious as if she knows some dangerous...


Anxiety is All About Control

Anxiety is All About Control: The very thing that’s taken away from you the moment you step out of your home. Elaine Orabona Foster,...

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Trail Day 1: Why is Everyone Passing Us?

  09/17/2012, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Roncevailles, 25.1 km Joe: We woke early. We were anxious about our readiness for this...