The Generalized Anxiety Disorder Quiz


Take the Generalized Anxiety Disorder quiz. The hallmark of Generalized Anxiety Disorder is an excessive tendency to worry. This quiz is based on the criteria used in the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM V).

April 20, 2018

1) Ever since I can remember, I've worry almost every day about so many things.
2) I just can't control my worry no matter how hard I try.
3) I tend to feel restless.
4) I tend to feel keyed up or on edge.
5) I get tired easily.
6) I often feel irritable.
7) My muscles get tense or get get tension headaches often.
8) I have trouble with my sleep.
9) I find it hard to concentrate and often my mind will go blank.
10) My worry causes me a lot of distress and disrupts my life.
11) I know my worry is not due to another psychological condition like post traumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, depression, etc.
12) I know my anxious feelings are my own and not due to a drug or medicine.

Thank You for taking this Quiz. We have more information about hoarding available in our Anxiety Clinic.

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