The Siren is Calling: I’m Going Back

CaminoMapThe Camino is calling me back for a second time and I will listen to that siren’s song. We’d written last year how the Camino was such a personal experience as well as how it enhanced our relationship. I’ve always avoided the use of the word “soul mates” because I thought of it a bit cliche and overused. The pilgrimage changed that, there is really no other way to describe how the Camino can bring two people closer, bring them a better understanding of the deep meaning they hold for one another. For this new Camino, I’m going alone. Join me on this new journey, on this new blog. Who knows were it will take me.

The Camino de Santiago is not just one path, it is many, each following an ancient route to Santiago de Compostella. For my solo pilgrimage I’ve chosen the solitude of the Camino del Norte. Starting on the French border, it follows the northern coast of Spain (the Cantabrian coast). The Bay of Biscay will be a constant reminder of my “Down-East” heritage. If I make it to the end, to Compostella, I will have walked a total of 825km (512 miles). Elaine will meet me somewhere near the end, then we’ll head off for another journey. Wish me luck….

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