The Soft Shell Lobster Cometh


Imagine lobsters with a shell so soft you can get to the succulent meat using just your hands—no shell cracker needed. A soft-shell lobster, is one that has shed its shell so it can grow a new and larger one. I found out that the meat is sweeter even though– pound for pound there is less actual meat in them. I guess it comes down to the age old question, “quantity or deliciousness.” Personally, I like cracking a lobster open with my bare hands and without the big splatter that follows an awkwardly cracked hard-shelled claw. Ultimately, it less work more play. So, how can you get your own piece of the lobster pie, stew, bisque…?
All you need to know to have a fabulous lobster-packed weekend in Boothbay Harbor.

Just take the footbridge across the harbor and head down east, you’ll soon find the Atlantic Edge.




If surf n’ turf is on the menu, you might try Oak Street Provisions. It was recommended to us by a local who suggested it as one of the insider spots. It’s right on Rt. 37 just as you are heading into Boothbay Harbor.


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