Cameras and Caminos: What to Bring

What to bring on the Camino de Santiago (or any trip) and the weight associated with that possession is an important and individual decision. I went through a lot of brain drain trying to decided what camera to bring with me for my second Camino (del Norte).  My wife and I had used our iPhones for the Camino Frances and although some pictures came out spectacular, overall, we were disappointed in the number that were not ideal because of a lack of lens control and non-ideal lighting conditions.  I wanted a better camera. I also wanted to have easy access to it at all times and I wanted it to be protected from the elements. I finally found a solution that worked wonderfully. I used one of those small pouches (fanny packs) that belt around your waist for day hikes. The one I bought had two bottle holders and a pouch large enough to hold my Canon 50D DSLR with a zoom lens. I modified the straps so that one end was permanently attached to my hip belt (on the left) and the other end snap-buckled on the right side of the hip belt. I slide a large, ziplock bag into the pouch and that’s where my camera sat. It was great! The added weight of a professional quality camera combined with the liter or two of water actually counteracted the weight of my backpack and I could feel my posture change for the better. My camera, and more importantly, my water were in easy reach during my entire journey. The professional quality Canons are rugged and resistant to moisture (it rained 8 days out of 10) and the quality of the pictures (and videos) was amazing. The pouch also allowed me to keep my cash and credential within reach (in another ziplock) so I didn’t need to rummage through my pack at the end of another exhausting day. This is a wonderful addition to the equipment I’ll be carrying with me for future journeys.
Our decision on what to carry during our journey is up to us. What cross are we willing to bare to reach our our individual mountain top?
Canon 50d

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    1. Joe Post author

      I use the 18-200mm zoom that certainly is versatile. It’s an f3.5 – 5.6 which is a trade off as far as weight and cost. My next lens will have to be something with a lower f# for those natural, low light shots.


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