Well, it’s Official. We’re Proud Owners of a Horse Ranch

We’ve been on the road for five years now and a more settled life has been calling to us louder and louder. But where to move? We love the South West and the Pacific Coast so have traveled throughout both in search for the perfect home. All beautiful places but when it comes down to it, it’s all about people. We have made so many wonderful friends in Las Cruces, NM that we finally committed. And let me tell you, the $ goes a long way in Las Cruces. And then there’s the Hatch Chile Peppers. The best chilis in the world. AND did you know that Southern NM was where the first vineyards in the US were planted? Those Spanish missionaries (in the 1600s) needed their wine. Reds or whites, they’re strong competition to Napa Valley.

We know we wanted plenty of land as well as some peace and quiet. Using Zillow as our guide (almost everyday for the last year) we searched and searched. We finally found it. A Spanish style home on 5 acres with a large shop, a casita and horse stables… and a pool… and a hot tub… and it’s at the end of a mile long dirt road! Solidad Canyon here we come. Were packing up all our belonging in our rented 200+ year old Colonial on the Battle Green in Lexington, MA and moving to the desert. What a adventure this is going to be!

Solidad Canyon Ranch

2 thoughts on “Well, it’s Official. We’re Proud Owners of a Horse Ranch

  1. Patricia Wilbur

    How exciting for you!!! It looks beautiful. Are you going to be working with horses, as well? Life is wonderful, isn’t it?

    1. Captain Joe Post author

      Hi Pat,
      Well, we’ve done it now. All settled in. It’s been a hard couple weeks with all the packing, loading, driving a big truck and trailer across the country, unloading, unpacking,,,an then trying to figure out where everything goes. This is our first real home in over 5 year!! We’re exhausted every night but real happy. We haven’t decided on course yet. Our neighbor breeds/tames wile mustangs, that might be good enough. Hope you guys can come visit soon.


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